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The All Blacks perform Ka Mate before a match ...

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So this post is going to be a little more confessional than others, I have a problem and it has both local and global implications. You certainly have guessed by now what I am writing about: The American television coverage of The Rugby World Cup.

The Rugby World Cup kicks off in just about a week and the television coverage will be split between NBC and Universal Sports and when I say split I mean they will barely be showing anything. They will show all of the games the US plays, but let’s be honest if you watch rugby, you only watch the American team play if you know someone on the team or they are playing a team from an actual rugby country. So NBC/Universal will be pulling the old Olympic coverage, you know where they show events involving American athletes medaling. NBC manages to take an exciting event, the Olympics, and turns it into two weeks of boring coverage of people chanting, “USA, USA, USA.” There will be very few opportunities for this chant during the Rugby World Cup because shirtless red-necks don’t travel to New Zealand to see rugby matches during NASCAR season, and it is tough to chant when your team is getting its head stepped on.

This is where my ethical dilemma starts: I can order all of the matches on DirectTV for around $125, but my wife will kill me if I did. Now you astute readers out there are wondering, “Won’t she read this blog and find out your dastardly plan?” Maybe, but the start of the school year is here and she is busy, so my guess is that she will have better things to do than read about my blog. Not that reading my blog is a waste of time, thank you dear reader for getting this far into a blog with no apparent controlling idea.

So, at this point I have a decision to make and both decisions will be filled with bitterness. Do I order the Rugby package and confess to my wife that I am weak and I have to see the New Zealand All Blacks do the Haka and then smash Samoa in the opening match of the Rugby World Cup? Or do I watch the matches on NBC/Universal with the understanding that the coverage will be so bad I may as well be watching Seattle Mariners baseball?



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  1. Jon, I’m looking forward to the RWC as well. You are right, the best games involve the All-Blacks, Bokkes, and Wallabies. I found an internet site that streams allot of sports for free. Stuff we don’t get here. European football and such. It should have RWC as well. Let me know if you need the website address. 🙂

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