My Soundtrack

Cover of "Life and Times"

Cover of Life and Times

As I write this I am listening to Bob Mould‘s Life and Times for the 10,000 time and trying to figure out why I love the album. Now for those of you that don’t know Mr. Mould, don’t worry the album is not going to show up on anyone’s greatest albums of the 20th century, but if I were making the list I would certainly include it.

Music has always been a matter of personal taste but as iPods and iTunes has freed everyone from the slavery of Top 40 radio it has also created a problem and that is that we as a culture no longer share music like we did when I was young. Today everyone has their personal soundtrack that colors their world and instead of music being a shared experience it has morphed into something isolating as people walk city streets with their earbuds plugged into their heads.

I certainly do not long for the days of hearing “Thriller” every 15 minutes on the radio, but I do miss the experience of waiting for a favorite song to be played. There is something about delayed gratification that makes life sweeter. If you can remember a time before iPods you certainly can remember driving somewhere when your new favorite song finally came on. You rolled down the windows, turned up the radio and sang with all your heart. Okay, maybe you didn’t, but I did. Today, I don’t have to wait for music, music comes to me.

If you love music, then you probably love lots of music and you are always looking for something new. Instead, I am going to direct you to some of my favorite old music and I am going to limit myself to describing the album in fewer than 10 words.

Bob Mould: Life and Times. Emotional song lyrics about a destructive relationship.

Solomon Burke: Don’t Give Up On Me. One of America’s greatest soul singers at his


Marvin Gaye: Here My Dear. A court ordered album as part of Gaye’s divorce. Ouch!

Cover of "Here My Dear"

Cover of Here My Dear

The Wailers: Burning. The best Bob Marley album ever. Yes, better than Legend.

Cracker: Greatest Hits (Redux). If you like clever lyrics with humor, buy this album.

Roger Waters: Amused to Death. A visionary album.

Cover of "Amused to Death"

Cover of Amused to Death

Rage Against the Machine: Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium. Angry and loud, enough said.

Rod Stewart: Mandolin Wind. Really? Yes, go back and give it a listen.

Linton Kwesi Johnson: In Concert with the Dub Band. A real poet who proves words are greater than volume.

Linton Kwesi Johnson on stage reading from a book

Image via Wikipedia

The Black Keys: Rubber Factory. Sound so thick you can’t cut it with a knife.

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