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From the Banks of the Muddy Wishkah

Bill Pearse has been hosting a 1990’s nostalgia blogfest this week over at The Pinklightsabre to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nirvana’s album Nevermind. Today, I have the honor of ending the series with some of my memories from that time…and a few thoughts about Cobain’s hometown, Aberdeen, Washington. […]

My National Spelling Bee

“Dad, stop yelling at the tv,” my daughter said. “It’s a sporting event, I’m allowed to yell at the tv during sports.” (Is spelling a sport? Well, it is on ESPN therefore it must be. They show car racing, golf, dog contests, and spelling bees, so who am […]

Dear Green Bay Packer Fans,

Hey, how’s it going? I know yesterday was tough for you, well, let’s be honest, pretty much November through April is tough for you. With weather that is either cold wind, or freezing wind, with four hours of sunlight you always have such a positive attitude about everything. Maybe it is that Nordic attitude […]