Tag: Short Stories

Dad’s Chair

Dan lifted the office chair out of the bed of the truck and set it gently on the cold asphalt. Dragging it across the parking lot was not what he had planned but he hadn’t really thought too much about how he was going to get the chair […]

The Land Baron: Part 3

On Tuesday, Susan Johnson, a reporter for the Daily News, overheard the Sheriff talking about Carl’s arrest. Locals gathered at the 49er Diner for morning coffee, pancakes and gossip. Susan came every morning hoping for moments just like this one: Sheriff Hanson roll-playing an arrest for the two […]

The Land Baron: Part 2

After work each day Carl would visit his land. He set up his chair, sat down and would enjoy the view. The cemetery workers left around five so Carl’s presence went unnoticed. The people visiting deceased loved ones did not notice Carl either. He enjoyed his insignificance. On […]

The Land Baron: Part 1

Carl always wanted to own some land, so when he saw the ad in the local paper he called. “I’m calling about the land you advertised.” “Land, I think you have the wrong number. I have two cemetery plots I want to sell, but I don’t have any […]